4 Skin Types and 4 Skin Conditions, How to Know Yours without Seeing a Dermatologist

You really don’t need to see a dermatologist for checking out your skin of its type and condition, especially when you don’t really need to have any further skin consultation with one. Because, in fact, our skin may easily change itself due to its external surroundings and its internal balance settings. It is actually very doable to check up on our skin condition on daily basis. I will share with you how to do it in a minute. But, before everything else… here is:

How to classify 4 basic skin types

  1. Normal Skin Type: Having a balanced sebum production. Not too oily and not too dry. No particular skin problems. Perhaps some seasonal bumps during the menstrual cycle, yet they will cure themselves when the hormone testosterone drops.
  2. Oily Skin Type: Overly active sebum production that causes shiny looks on the skin surface.
  3. Dry Skin Type: Inactive sebum production causing the skin to (overly) dry.
  4. Combination Skin Type: Some part of the skin is with active sebum, usually on T-zone. While other parts of the skin are not producing any sebum and look dryer.

You see the pattern here, skin types rely on sebum production.

Enough sebum = Normal skin
Too active sebum = Oily skin
Inactive sebum = Dry skin
Partially active sebum = Combination skin

How to classify 4 basic skin conditions

  1. Sensitive Skin Condition: Thin layers of the skin may be one of the causes for the skin to be sensitive. Easily becomes red and reactive to certain ingredients in the skin products may trigger even more sensitivity.
  2. Acne-Prone Skin Condition: Breakouts tend to partner with Oily or Dry or Combination skin types. It can be hormonal which is temporary. It can also be in a long healing process that is stressful to the skin and the skin’s owner.
  3. Acne Sensitive Skin Condition: This is a real suffering combination. It can be as far as ‘Rosacea inflamed acne’ condition. The skin surface is red and heats fragile. It becomes very sensitive to contact the skin with direct Sunlight. The skin is in discomfort and painful condition to touch.
  4. Aging Skin Condition: Overly Dry Skin Type in long run may result in Aging or Premature Aging Skin Condition. Skin cells stop producing sebum, its natural skin oil that keeps skin supple and moist. Sagging, rougher, duller skin surface with fine lines, wrinkles, and aging spots are the ultimate signs of Aging Skin Condition.

So, the main reason for our skin to change its type and condition is basically from our sebum production level. This sebum defines the mood of our skin for the day. Once we wake up, our skin has to make up ‘its mind’ on how they perform daily, either to be more or less sebum. When this tendency goes long and repetitive, it becomes ‘permanent’.

These permanent conditions often called ‘Skin Type’, if it is based on the sebum quantity and ‘Skin Condition’ when it is based on the effect of prolonged sebum condition that reacts the skin in its own way to develop its own skin condition.

Adding a little drama to the skin, the surrounding environment also does affect how the sebum acts and reacts on a daily basis before it turns into a permanent skin condition. Sebum is just like riding a rollercoaster. One day our skin could be oily and the next season it would turn completely drying. The capability for the skin to ‘neutralize’ its surrounding situation on a daily basis defines how ‘normal’ the skin is.

Why do we need to know our skin type and condition

I will let you know how to check your skin mood at your fingertips in a sec. But, you must be curious “Why do we need to know our skin type and condition?”, “is it that important to know it?” So, let’s answer these questions before everything else because it is indeed important due to these two factors:

  1. Knowing how to check our skin type could help us to select well the skincare routine products in one go.

  2. Knowing our own skin condition could help us to troubleshoot the skin problem(s) by wearing the correct skincare products in one shot.

It could save a lot more time and money too. Therefore, knowing both skin types and skin condition is vital to enhance day-to-day beauty rituals. Don’t you agree now?

How to simply check our skin type and condition

Knowing our skin type and its condition is important as it plays a big part in our skincare daily regimen. Thus, it is easier to confirm what kind of skin you are having on the day. Simply checking it out just like you check the weather forecast. The method is super easeey peaseey, yet you cannot miss the crucial timing in checking it. Here is how to:

Directly once woke up, in the morning, gently patch your face with your fingers.

If it is oily only on the T-zone, then you are with a combination skin type. If all facial skin surface is enough oily or a little bit damp, then it is the normal skin you are having. If you are basically having other skin condition, —like acne, redness, hypersensitivity, or aging—, then your Skin Type is with one of the Conditions combinations (ref above: “4 basic skin conditions”).

The type of skin can easily change due to either ‘internal’ or ‘external’ changes. In Winter, for example, even oily skin could become hyper-drying. Just remember, you can only check your skin in the morning, right after you wake up.

How to not be bothered about our skin type and condition

Besides myself, who else is pro with this idea?
This is my actual morning: I get up ignoring what skin do I have for today. Why on earth it is important to check! I have to run errands. I have many other important things to do than placing my fingers on my cheek.

It is so good to be skin-ignorant without any skin-drama. Believe me!
But, to do this, you have to be equipped with a correct potion. Otherwise, you will invest the time in the wrong Queen of Aging. Aging will come, no matter how you try to avoid it. I, for sure, only want to age beautifully. I want my skin to invest its time to gain the ability to heal itself over time. So, I can invest my time doing something else greater for a better world. I can put focus on my self-development project by leaving my skin partnering with the correct skin treatment product. My solution for the ultimate care is FridaSkincare Super Serums:

  1. MAGNIFYING ELIXIR: for the skin with inactive sebum, dry-skin symptoms including all its aging drama, such as brown spots, wrinkles, sagginess, depigmentation, inflamed, sensitivity.

  2. CLARIFYING SOLUTION: for the skin with too active sebum, oily-skin symptoms including all its aging drama, includes pimples, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, big pores, shiny look, blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores, hyper-keratinisation, hyper-seborrhea, inflamed, sensitivity.

Aging / Dry Skin


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Both SUPER SERUMS are not only neutralizing the sebum production on a daily basis. It also comes with long-term effects and benefits. Please click the link for each serum, on the ‘Treasure‘ bar, for further info on their awesome instant effects and long-term benefits.

Both SUPER SERUMS have an ordering code onto our skin’s molecular level. Therefore, besides its long-term effects and benefits to the skin, each serum will be able to tame the skin just within 8-hours straight of application. Apply it at nighttime, before sleeping, and wake up with the fresher looking and supple skin feel. With its instant result, you can forget about your newly gained skill on ‘How to check our skin type and skin condition‘. Seriously, you can drop that skill to the nearby river.

You can go Brutally Beyond Beauty,
only with the correct skincare!

Now, come to a question, what if you have a combination of a specific skin type and paired with a bothering skin condition. For example:

Dry Skin Type with Acne-prone Skin Condition, What to Do?

Although the skin with too active sebum production is more probably prone to invite trapped specks of dirt on the skin surface… say it acne, pimple, blemish may still come regardless of skin type. For example, such as Dry Skin Type with Acne-prone Skin Condition. Now, here is the simple yet powerful routine you should do that brings a realistic result, and it involves FridaSkincare Super Serum:

  1. Gentle Cleanser. Always use a super friendly cleanser for any skin with a dilemmatic condition. Superfatted cured soap bar or gentle liquid facial wash that contains no skin layer removal agents such as AHA, BHA, etcetera. Alternatively, simply wash with warm water and a soft washcloth and wipe the face several times until you feel clean.
  2. Acne Serum. One pump of Clarifying Solution is more than enough to apply it to the whole facial skin surface. It is quickly absorbed and will not leave any greasy feel. Once applied, gently tap the skin with the fingertips to help the skin receiving the serum absorption.
  3. Acne-friendly Face Oil. Apply just lightly enough all over the skin. Be careful of selecting any random Face Oil for the skin with acne-prone and sensitive skin conditions as it may trigger even more skin damages. If you are not sure which Face Oil to select from, grab a dab of Olive oil from your kitchen cabinet. Alternatively, use Purifying Anti-blemish Face Oil from FridaSkincare, specially formulated for the skin with acne-prone condition with Tea Tree extract and Ceramide, the skin cell reparatory agent.

For the AM routine, you can skip Face Oil and replace it with gentle Facial Day Cream that is suitable for acne skin, preferably unscented cream with UV protector ingredients. During this treatment, the best is to avoid applying: Foundation, Primer, Concealer, and alike and anything that could cover the true nature of the skin. Let the skin breathes and heals during the treatment, because:

Excellent Skin Comes from an Everyday Routine and That Routine Should be Simple and Practicable!

WRITTEN BY: Frida Pigny

Photo Credit: @itsfonlee

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