1-Month Skin Journey with CLARIFYING SOLUTION

As you know, I have a 1-MONTH SKIN JOURNEY program. From this program, I brought you a skin report from someone who joined our 1-Month Skin Journey. I love her determination to have much clearer skin. She tried many products and visited skin experts in the past. She even just finished treatment with a dermatologist before jumping into the Skin Journey.

My first share is her aspirational words. I sent my ‘Amen’ for her beautifully selected words.

I was lucky to get a chance to peek at all her beauty stuff. She has several facial cleansers in her bathroom! 

I was asked to reveal the formulations on each of her skin products based on the ingredients lists. I was honoured and happy to help guide her skin journey. 


After combing through the ingredients lists from her beauty products collections. I suggested she uses certain stuff she already has in her bulk. I picked a “100% pur vegetal” soap bar made in France. She used it to cleanse her body. I could almost hear her screaming “whaaaaaaat?!!”, at that time. 

Because the soap bar is written for ‘body’, not for the face!


Sometimes even a hair care product is meant to be safe for facial care. But, who might know that if you are illiterate to read the INCI lists. 

Plus, the cosmetics regulations and all sorts of paperwork in this beauty industry is another monster to beat up by the cosmetics producers. So, instead of filing up for a facial care product, it is so much easier to mark it under the body care category. I can relate to that mindset.

The key here is to read the full list of ingredients. Not ‘key ingredients’. Nor ‘active ingredients’.

Okay, let’s drop this topic here and back to her skin.

AFTER ONE MONTH with Clarifying Solution – Sebum Balancer Serum, and one soap bar only on her face for her AM-PM routine, she said her skin is still oily and didn’t feel much improvement.

I started gathering all her pictures from the beginning and compiled them for her to compare. I shared you with her lovely permission. So, here is her skin report, zoom out if needed to:


Some people may think that a skin laser route is instant work. Yet, your skin will need time to heal. It needs to adjust to post-syndrome effects as it will be super sensitive to sunlight and air particles.

The good thing about my serum is, it will not trigger any skin sensitivity. The skin will not go through a rough peeling stage. No redness or alike. You would feel a little tingling sensation at first. But, that’s it.

Give your skin enough time to heal. Let the serum do its magic. 


Our eyes may be tricky. Our feelings might be wrong. Therefore, I would highly suggest you take selfies once a week to capture your Skin Journey. I will be super happy to compile it for you.


Her Clarifying Solution still fits for another 3-4 months journey, at least. Some others revealed it could last up to 6-8 months, all based on a twice-daily routine. So, I guess, it really depends on the individuals.

I have no idea why after 1-month of use, the serum is having tremors like that! 😂

In short, my serum may sound pricey. 

But, it is long-lasting and the most important thing is, it works!

You just need to forget about your skin drama and keep doing your minimalist skin routine with me, AM PM.

No headache on your side, no stress.

Just trust the process and let the molecular power work underneath your skin cells.

I will be compiling some more journeys from her skin. 

Yes, I am deeply hoping she keeps her determination to share with me her weekly skin images.

To be continued~

WRITTEN BY: Frida Pigny

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