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This is a special formulation for blemish-prone, oily skin, and anti-pore clogging. Fights blemishes overnight! Extra essential results of less shiny skin, less pimples, less redness,... [read more]

Aging / Dry Skin


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Every drop of this Elixir has been compressed from super luxe botanical extracts combined with organic ingredients and synergistic proportion of ultra-effective high performance boosters for the... [read more]

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What Our Loyal Customers Say about the Super Serums:

Frida’s Magnifying Elixir is a miracle worker! Before using the elixir, I tried Korean branded scrubs and creams. The Korean products led to my face drying out and redness. Frida’s Elixir does a lot of magic with no side effects! I apply the drops twice a day. The Elixir traps in the moisture and leaves my skin noticeably healthier. It is a great product with none of the adverse affects of popular brands. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Jacob T. / Magnifying Elixir

I can’t say enough about how great Frida’s products are. I went through a bad few months with my skin. Nothing was working and I had no idea why my skin was so red and broken out, or why it was remaining that way. I saw results from the very first use of Frida’s products. I continued using them every day and my skin just kept improving. I would stare in the mirror in astonishment at how clear and healthy my skin became. I never want to use anything else again! Her products truly work, they are ethically sourced and all-natural. Frida knows her stuff. She is so willing to share all the details of her products, her creation process, and the science behind what she does and produces. If you are thinking of trying her products, DO IT NOW!!!

Colleen W. / Clarifying Solution

Worth every penny! It hydrates, eliminates bumps, eliminates skin discolorations and it evens out skin tone. Loving the product!

Puteri P. / Magnifying Elixir

..After using it, I was able to see immediate results. My skin felt cleaner, a lot of the acne was disappearing or became less frequent, the dark spots were reduced in color and most of the redness dissipated too. Simply put, I felt attractive again… You won’t be disappointed!

Jamal B. / Clarifying Solution

I have been trying out the Magnifying Elixir for a month or so. I’ve been using this at night before bed, around 2-3 drops and twice a week … The consistency is thin and dispensed using the dropper. I absolutely love this product and never want it to run out. This is the first elixir that I have ever used and I’m very impressed. Since using this I have noticed that my dry mature skin is less saggy, softer, smoother, my complexion is clearer and my skin just feels firmer, which is what I’m most happy about.

Mim M. / Magnifying Elixir

I have clogged pores and this formula helps me a lot.

Ryryka / Clarifying Solution

Just give it a try and I can guarantee that you will fall in love just like I did.

Beata F. / Magnifying Elixir

Highly recommended! Just within two weeks of using it, my tough pimples went flatten. The small zits were gone in the next morning and my comedos are easily to be removed while washing. Suitable for normal to dry skin with acne to fighting with.

Maulida / Clarifying Solution

I’ve been using Frida Magnifying Elixir for months. I was sold on my first-time use! I wear it at night before bedtime and my face skin nicely slips and very moist when I wash my face the next morning. Doesn’t promotes my skin to be oily nor break out. My make-up stays on in awe with Elixir underneath. My holy grail!

Fenny C. / Magnifying Elixir

Having constant acne on my face, I don’t know how many products I have tried, this is the only best product in the world, and this is the only saviour for my face, now I don’t worry anymore when pimples come, Bye Acne.

Nona S. / Clarifying Solution

This elixir is superb, very fast absorbing to my skin and it makes my skin tight without drying. Very comfortable on my skin, make it very relax and soothing. No more dryness.
Glad that this product is safe, organic and I only apply it for very small amount so it even better.

Eka / Magnifying Elixir

Frida skincare products have done absolutely amazing things to my skin. Especially, this anti-blemish solution one. I tried it during my nighttime skincare routine and when I woke up the next morning, my cysts completely deflated. I saw results in just one night. I followed up with my morning routine. As I was cleansing my face, it felt extremely smooth and soft after a while of having bumpy skin with acne problems. I would definitely recommend this product to those who are looking for a solution for their acne and cysts! Now, I am sticking to only Frida product line, since the products designed to work well with one another, and have the most effective results on my skin.

Pipit / Clarifying Solution

This really is magic in a bottle! After just a week of use, the fine lines and wrinkles on my eyes and neck have significantly decreased. My skin is noticeably firmer. The feeling is luxurious and it absorbs into the skin very well. Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling or anything like some other anti-aging creams I’ve used in the past from other companies.

Tiffany B. / Magnifying Elixir

Waoooo … just 1 week of using Frida’s Clarifying Solution & Blemish Oil regularly every morning and evening, my pimples and black spots on my face are disappearing slowly but surely. My face looked dull and now it’s getting bright and soft ☺☺ Just falling in love with the product from Frida. Thank you for already made my facial skin smooth again☺ Frida is the Best product…

Tina / Clarifying Solution

After moving to South Korea a year ago, I noticed vast changes in my skin. My skin did not adjust well to this climate. The wrinkles on my forehead and dark circles under my eyes had become much more prominent. I had tried several face creams and masks from popular chains here to no avail.The morning after I tried Frida’s Magnifying Elixir, I noticed a change. My skin felt firmer and looks brighter. The lines on my forehead have started to diminish over continued use. The dark circles under my eyes are subsiding as well. My skin had become so dry and chapped during the winter. It is starting to look and feel much more hydrated. I’ve already started receiving compliments from friends and coworkers. The best part is that it’s all organic! I will highly recommend these products to my friends who are facing similar difficulties. I feel so much more confident and refreshed.

Brittany F. / Magnifying Elixir

It has been more than 6 months since I started using Frida’s products, and none have failed to impress me. This elixir is a big Ginnie in a small bottle which not only improves your skin texture but tightens it. I mix it with my face oil by Frida and apply it before bed, next morning my skin looks amazing. My skin just loves this magic potion. The ingredients list make it even more special. The same list of ingredients can cost u a fortune in the outside market. Every penny I spend on it is worth it. I am happy that I tried it and now it is a must-have for me.

Arti T. / Magnifying Elixir

This elixir literally saves my skin by making it firmer and brighter the next morning I wake up.

Maria C. / Magnifying Elixir


Hi, I am Frida Pigny, founder and formulator of FridaSkincare. Originated from Sumatera Island, I lived almost a decade in South Korea where I started this project.

For years I struggled to find a skincare product that could help me stay focused beyond my cosmetics needs. Due to dry and aging skin condition, my skin tried to survive in between the extreme weather shift and urban pollution.

Then I created SUPER SERUMS.

Now I can store my natural sebum back to balance across seasons. I free my skin from any skin issues. And I am free from being a woman at a cosmetics level.

I will show you how to get healthy skin with minimal effort in just 30 seconds. Click this video. I’ll see you there.

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