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Made with 100% key botanicals ingredients to reach its purity and result-oriented active formula. Absorbs quickly and leaves no trace. Deactivates 'sleeping' follicles to start producing... [read more]

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(1) $28

It is a soufflé-mousse baby lotion formula. Super loaded with a blend of nourishing botanical extracts that are rich in fatty acids and easily absorbed by the baby delicate skin. Enjoy massaging your baby... [read more]

Combination Skin


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Every drop of this Elixir has been compressed from super luxe botanical extracts combined with organic ingredients and synergistic proportion of ultra-effective high performance boosters for the... [read more]

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This is a special formulation for blemish-prone, oily skin, and anti-pore clogging. Fights blemishes overnight! Extra essential results of less shiny skin, less pimples, less redness,... [read more]

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 14 customer ratings
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A nutrient-rich shampoo that provides vitamins and moisture for the scalp and promotes hair growth. Concocted with a mixture of 18 herbal extracts and 5 organic oils that have been... [read more]

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This anti-aging cleanser provides the right amount of moisture and makes the skin clean, soft, light, smooth, silky, fresh, and hydrated after use. An extremely pure cleanser that is... [read more]

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Fully loaded with anti-ageing nutrients to restore and improve skin collagen. Contains Rosehip Oil and Sappan Wood that helps damaged, acne-prone skin to regenerate skin tissue. Packed with... [read more]

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Everything you need in a conditioner to nourish, repair and make hair soft, silky, stronger, healthier, shiny and manageable! Can be used as a leave-in hair balm or a rinse-off... [read more]


Healthy, Sustainable and High-performance Skincare for the Whole Family

I do not want harmful chemicals to enter my body through my food nor through my skin products, without my permission. It is just not worth the risk! I want to fully take charge of what goes onto my skin and into my body. I want to ensure the safety of my baby while I am holding her. I want to feel safe having any contact with my baby. I am awaiting the day when my baby grows up to be a ‘young lady’ and discovers cosmetics. I will have no worries of accidentally putting her skin at risk, ever…because I believe that there is NO SOCIAL ORDER FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR SKIN.

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