I take the meaning of Skincare very seriously. For me, only having a skincare regimen for our face and leaving out other parts of our body is similar to the idea of eating a green salad with a jug of soda drink. Skincare is not merely about taking care of our facial skin. It is a thorough, everyday routine to care for our bodies, from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes! It’s important because even hair products – which contain a lot of harmful chemicals nowadays – that have been rinsed, off and absorbed through our facial skin, are affecting other parts of our body skin too.

Becoming health conscious

Way back when, I was just a customer who knew nothing about skin products. I wore them on my skin without checking what was truly inside the products, nor did I care about where the ingredients were outsourced from, or how the manufacturer made the products. I was simply an ignorant customer. Having a time-consuming job as a humanitarian agent in the field, I just didn’t have the time to study all those products. It wasn’t until I started building my own family and planning for a baby in the healthiest way, that I became aware of the importance of using natural and environmentally-friendly skincare products.

Healthy and high-performance skincare for everyone

At that point, I took a vow to keep my family free from toxins. I do not want harmful chemicals to enter my body through my food nor through my skin products, without my permission. It is just not worth the risk! I want to fully take charge of what goes onto my skin and into my body. I want to ensure the safety of my baby while I am holding her. I want to feel safe having any contact with my baby. I am awaiting the day when my baby grows up to be a ‘young lady’ and discovers cosmetics. I will have no worries of accidentally putting her skin at risk, ever. For the wellbeing of the next generation, I have created a line of skincare products suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. I also wanted to create a line of products suitable for young teenagers and the elderly, for women and gentlemen of any age and condition…because I believe that there is NO SOCIAL ORDER FOR TAKING CARE OF OUR SKIN.

We need more than just natural and organic

I spent an intensive 4 years formulating a range of skincare products with love and honesty by carefully selecting the ingredients and allowing the products to be tried by 100+ happy guinea pigs. I envisioned more than just ‘natural and organic’ skincare. I wanted something MORE!

‘High-performance’ skincare is one thing, while ‘ethically sourced’ ingredients is another thing. Still, I wanted MORE than just that.

Healthy pores

My study in organic cosmetics science has led me to master natural skincare formulation. I found that the skin’s real problem lies in maintaining HEALTHY PORES. I haven’t found any skincare line that cares so much about healthy pores. Skin with healthy pores does not need ‘pore pack strips’ to remove blackheads, and even whiteheads will think twice about popping up! As a result, I have formulated a range of complete skincare products that allow the skin to BREATHE!

Breathable skincare

I am picturing a future trend where women will be confident enough to walk outside with bare beauty facial skin, without a thick coating of makeup. I want women to feel proud of having healthy, glowing, natural skin. I want to help women feel happy with their ‘true’ skin, not hiding it under concealers or thick foundations. I want to make more women happy by offering them a BREATHABLE SKINCARE line. I want to live simply, with only the essential products occupying my beauty cabinet, yet still look amazingly ‘wowza’ and fresh when I go outside.

All the necessary and only the necessary

I formulated the same skincare that I, (with dry to normal skin type), can share with my husband, (with oily to acne-prone skin type). So when we travel, it is so much easier to carry just one type of product to give our skin the nutrients it needs with:

  1. Extra Benefits

Each of products at FridaSkincare is carefully formulated to have MORE THAN ONE PURPOSE:

~ Our Fortifying Facial Oil Cleanser is not only cleansing the skin from dirt and (waterproof) makeup, it also nourishes at the same time.

~ Our Hydrating Essence Facial Toner is tones the skin to balance the sebum activity and also functions as an oil controller to freshen the face after every wash.

~ Our Serum & Face Oil (Beautifying Coenzyme SerumPurifying Anti-Blemish Face Oil100% Pure Organic Argan Oilacts as a daily facial moisturizer and is also great for hair (hot oil) treatment.

~ Our Mineralizing Facial Blemish Beauty Cream besides giving a smooth coating on face the without foundation tints, tones out skin color so there is no need for face powder at the end of the routine.

~ Our Revitalizing Facial Mask & Scrub gives you the direct option to skip masking if you only need to exfoliate and vice versa. However, anytime is a good time Whatever your skin wants.

~ Our Pampering Deodorant is not just a regular de-odor agent. It also works to calm problematic skin on the chest and back.

~ Our Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion works like a charm at night if you apply it on rough hands and feet, leaving you velvety smooth skin in the morning.

~ Our Protecting Lip Treatment Balm is not only a lip treatment before bed but also protects lips during the daytime. It can also be used to calm insect bites on baby skin! Now how cool is that?! ^^

~ Our Hair Tonic Conditioner also conditions the whole body and works as a rinse-off lotion.

and so on and so on…

  1. No Filler Ingredients

Our products are all FILLER-FREE! One of the most common fillers in the product is “Aqua/Water/Eau” to fill up the packaging. Therefore, you will not see those in our water-based products, unless ‘water’ is a must to add in the formula!

Another common filler in oil-based products is “Paraffinum liquidum/Mineral oil/Huile minérale”. This petroleum-based oils has no nutritive value to our skin and could lead to premature aging because skin simply cannot ‘breathe’. So you will never see ‘mineral oil’ and ‘petroleum jelly’ in our ingredient lists!

  1. No Strata

We believe that there is no strata in taking care of our skin. We want all people to get access to the elite-class skincare at reasonable prices. FridaSkincare is designed for young teenagers and old people, for pregnant women and breastfeeding Moms, for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and condition, for all skin types, all at reasonable prices!

  1. Carefully Handcrafted

All products are concocted at just right percentage of skin-loving ingredients to make sure enough vitamins and minerals are supplied for our skin’s daily needs. We also select our raw ingredients in its pure form and make sure they are PHTHALATE-free! Phthalate is a plasticizer and they are everywhere. It is difficult to track as the manufacturer can just label phthalate as ‘fragrance’ on the product. We don’t want any harmful ‘carcinogenic’ (cancer causing) ingredients that endanger our health through skin absorption. We are proud to formulate our skincare without phthalates, because we can.

  1. Generosity

Each product has a very generous amount of extract botanicals and potent nutrients from our highly selected pure ingredients inside every product of FridaSkincare.

  1. Love and Honesty

Each product has been carefully handcrafted without harmful chemicals and free from toxins for long-term benefits for skin and our general health, yet it gives an instantly direct effect soon after the first use due to its high performance ingredient mixture. I dedicate this range of honest Skincare to skin-loving people. We deliver it with a bunch of love and honesty.

  1. Treasure for Generation

FridaSkincare is a treasure box for YOU who value the really good stuff from Mother Earth and for the next generation of skin-lovers!