2-Month Skin Journey with CLARIFYING SOLUTION

Remember my ‘Skin Report’ last month from someone who religiously follows the 1-Month Skin Routine program with me?

If you have no clue what I am talking about, let me take you to ‘1-Month Skin Journey with Clarifying Solution’. Click it. It will get you to a full report of her first-month Skin Journey.

Ok, now I am back with an updated skin story from her. Let’s scoop in as it gets exciting the week after week…

Her Strong Commitment

I am touched by her determination. Because I may sometimes forget to ask her. My daily tasks are crazy between home-educating Axelle, running the business, private skin consultation, enjoying weekends and family fun times.

I am so curious about her willingness to join my 1-Month Skin Journey. Unlike many others who gave up easily, she does not! 

She keeps posting to me how her skin looks. Every single week I receive her skin photos and report without me asking or begging for it. I am loving it!

When asked ‘why’ 

She simply answered that she is not a make-up person. It intrigues her to try the program and find out if it is possible to live without makeup and to go outside bare skin. So, we should follow her Skin Journey, shouldn’t we?! 

I bet now, I am the one who is intrigued by her determination.

Her Active Day

Well, basically this lady is an active woman. Just recently the Covid-19 pandemic gets better, she goes to the sports club quite often. So, she uses another face cleanser that is easier to carry. Only at home does she still cleanse her face with the soap bar. The same soap bar that passed my checking bar from her own bubble collection.

Small Bumps on Her Forehead

They seem to be gone easily and have no itchiness like usual. She does it by adding an extra Clarifying Solution on top of each bump. 

Her TIP:

Firstly, she applies hydrabase Clarifying Solution serum on her whole face like usual. Then, she dabs some more serum on top of her breakouts. And let it dry overnight as her PM routine.

I directly imagine the cherry on top of the cupcakes when she said this. Yummy!

Her Morning Skin

She used to wake up with extra oil on her face. Especially it is very visible on her forehead. But recently, the oiliness and shininess seem to fade away. She is still not sure how it would be when her monthly hormonal comes or when her skin is exposed to more humid weather. We will get this answer as time passes. 

It is indeed difficult to see improvement on our own skin. Our human nature is always self-doubting. I guess that’s part of our survival skills. It is by default a defensive built-in tool. The best is to take weekly photos. A close up one. Alternatively, ask someone else that sees our skin often. In her case, she asked her Mom. A wise choice! 

Her Mama Said…

“That her pores are looking better and that she can feel that too.”

So, here is her skin report from months 1 and 2. Please, zoom out if needed to:




From the look of the bottle, she may finish the first serum in between 7~8 months. Forty-six dollars a bottle for that length of skin treatment is worth every penny!

Despite her progressive skin report, I have one concern after knowing that her skin products start to pile up again. 

Her Extra Skin Routine

She admitted that she wipes her face with an alcohol-contained toner when in contact with a bunch of people as perhaps it triggers her excessive sebum. 

She is thinking it might be a good quick idea to remove the unnecessary germs on her face. Then, she continues it with rose toner, aloe vera gel, tea tree product, and sealed the skin with Clarifying Solution, our sebum balancer serum.


Please don’t trigger sebum imbalance on the skin from products that offer only instant effects. Think about skin sustainability. Look for longer-term effects in a product.

Mask Pack Story

She is also thinking to use a Mask Pack after applying Clarifying Solution. I am not against the mask routine. It is skin necessary. My suggestion is to pick a product out of the trend. 

The only thing I dislike about Mask Pack is adding waste after every treatment. There is an option of mask that you can apply without having to add another garbage on earth from sheet pieces.

I understand that it is also human nature to collect things. We were coming from the Paleolithic Age – Old Stone Age, where we used to gather food to survive. 

But, come on~~ 

We are in the minimalistic era, where we only collect

all the necessary and only the necessary‘. 

My Thoughts on Her Precious Skin

My only concern, for now, is her mindset that minimal product is not enough. This would be another culprit to re-enter the satanic beauty trap cycle. The only victim later who would suffer is her own skin.

Okay, that’s it for this month’s report. Until the next one.

To be continued~

WRITTEN BY: Frida Pigny

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