3-Month Skin Journey with CLARIFYING SOLUTION

This is actually closer to the 4-Month Skin Report of her skin journey. We both were and are extremely busy lately. Yet, she still manages to send over her report over voice messages. How I love technologies nowadays!

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Keeping Her Simple Routine

Loving the fact that she keeps her skincare routine to its minimum. She admits that Clarifying Solution is the best option for ‘a lazy person’. Ultimately, she starts to acknowledge one of the benefits of the serum.

So, here is her skin report from months 1, month 2, and overly month 3. Please, zoom out if needed to:




Visually saying, the skin in Month-1 looked much greasy compared to Month-3 skin images. According to her, she still gets pimples on and off during her period. Well, that’s a normal thing. I am on my way to forty, that hormonal monthly breakouts are still active. I am secured when she said that now her pimples are more controllable prior to the ‘green serum’.

I am Confident to Say that…

The serum now can focus working on helping remove the blemish marks. Though it will take some more months to fully recover the skin condition with a deeper wound like this, naturally. The serum gives the ultimate natural force to help heal the skin. Although the speed depends on one’s immune and healing force within its own body. Unless she takes on the laser technology to speed up the process.

And, guess WHAT?

She underwent a molecular gas laser!

The CO2 Laser

Her Dermatologist recommended she do this carbon dioxide laser for her arms skin area that grew extra bumpy skin. Some sort of ‘Keratosis Pilaris’ skin condition. She took the chance to also do her facial with this same technology.

What we see in the image above is a transformation of the skin with an awesome combination between two molecular powerhouses: a molecular gas laser AND a molecular hydrabase skincare.


And NO!
You don’t have to go through the CO2 Laser treatment as she did. You can just simply leave your twice-daily skin routine to our Clarifying Solution and yield months after for a more natural skin healing and getting back the natural balance of your skin sebum.
The idea of my Hydrabase Serum is to simplify your skincare routine!

Okay, to shorten this up, please check out this visual summary of BEFORE and AFTER her routine application with Clarifying Solution for a more transformational look:

In the next coming months, we should see some significant improvement on her blemish marks be gone!

How Many Are Left?

From the last month onward, she dabs some more green serum on top of her breakouts. And let it dry overnight as her PM routine. The amount uses in this serum is of course beyond the normal suggested application. We will see how long this serum could last up to. Read on HER TIP in her previous Skin Journey for more info.


Since this is a 2-months Skin Journey report, hopefully, you will see her next Skin Journey as the Skin Report Month #5!

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