We are Frida and Samuel Pigny, a couple who love to craft. We take our expertise and blend our skill together to create a whole complete set of body products. We want to live simply, safely, and blissfully.Back in 2012, we were just a duo who were making natural soaps, bath & body products, and a few skincare products, made in a little room in our house. Due to the harsh weather in Korea (cold dry winter, hot rainy summer, yellow dust, cars and pervasive cigarette pollution), we noticed that our skin was getting worse year after year. Frida’s expertise in formulating organic skincare together with Samuel’s artisanal skills in making natural and herbal soaps, made us think that we could create our own complete line of skincare. That day, we decided to throw away every single store-bought skincare, bath & body products we had at home. FridaSkincare’s idea was born.

~Frida is an Indonesian born Sumatran, and Samuel is from Normandy, France~


Skincare that is ethically sourced with the best quality ingredients. We aim to create products that perform at the highest standards because “natural and organic cosmetics” is not enough anymore! We want to live life free from toxins and harmful chemicals as a gift to our precious next generation, offering them an option for healthier skin treatment. We formulate each product with love and honesty. We believe that there is no strata in taking care of our skin. We want all people to get access to the elite-class skincare at reasonable prices. FridaSkincare.


Frida: Organic Skincare Formulator; Product Conceptor; Natural Skincare Instructor.

Samuel: Natural Herbal Soaps Artisan; Label Designer; Website Engineer.

Monika Pratiwi: Representative of FridaSkincare Indonesia.

Jaesook Cheong: Co-Representative of FridaSkincare Korea.

Bora Lee: Co-Representative of FridaSkincare Korea.

Sarah Shaw: Illustrator and Art Educator. Check out more of Sarah’s work on her website and instagram.