Eight Reasons to Trust Our Products

These all are reasons why you should invest in our brand and trust our products. Because we believe that it is part of our responsibility to inform the fundamental of our framework.

QUALITY Commitment

Directly from our formulator to our customers, we turn complex formulas to simplify your daily beauty routine.

FORMULA Commitment

With the selected powerful botanical ingredients, we create technological molecular products that appease long-lasting skin, because “Natural and Organic Cosmetics” are NEVER enough.

NO FILLER Ingredients

Our products are all FILLER-FREE! One of the most common fillers in the product is “Aqua/Water/Eau” to fill up the packaging. Therefore, you will not see those in our water-based products. Unless otherwise, ‘water’ is a must to add to the formula!

Another frequent filler in oil-based products is “Paraffinum liquidum / Mineral oil / Huile minérale”. These petroleum-based oils have no nutritional value to our skin and could lead to premature aging because the skin will be hard to ‘breathe’. So you will never see ‘mineral oil’ and ‘petroleum jelly’ in our ingredient lists!


We believe that there are no strata in taking care of our skin. We want all people to get access to elite-class skincare at reasonable prices. FridaSkincare is formulated for young teenagers and the elderly, for pregnant women and breastfeeding Moms, for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and condition, for all skin types, effective direct results all year round with our cross-seasonal legacy formula!


Each product has a very generous amount of extract botanicals and potent nutrients from our highly selected pure molecular ingredients inside every product of FridaSkincare. We also give bountiful offers throughout our journey to help ‘Make You Appreciate Your Skin’.


All products are concocted at just the correct percentage of skin-loving ingredients to make sure enough vitamins and minerals supplied for our skin’s daily needs. We also select our raw ingredients in their pure form and make sure they are PHTHALATE-free! Phthalate is a plasticizer, and they are everywhere. It is difficult to track as the manufacturer can label phthalate as ‘fragrance’ on the product. We don’t want any harmful ‘carcinogenic’ (cancer-causing) ingredients that endanger our health through skin absorption. We are proud to formulate our skincare without phthalates because we can.


Each product has been handcrafted carefully without harmful chemicals and free from toxins for long-term benefits for the skin and our general health. It gives an instant effect soon after the first use due to the mixture of its high-performance ingredients. We deliver it with the brutality of love and honesty.

TREASURE for Generation

FridaSkincare is a treasure box for YOU who value the goodness from Mother Earth in the collaboration work of high-performance molecular botanicals extracts and showing support for natural resource conservation about the specific plant’s sustainability due to their fragility in nature.

FridaSkincare’s Philosophies

WRITTEN BY: Frida Pigny

Photo Credit: Roman Kraft

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