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Normal : 0%

Dryness : 0%

Oilyness : 0%

Combination : 0%

Aging : 0%

Acne : 0%

Sensitive : 10%

You have ...

Normal Skin

You have well-balanced skin that is moisture content. Your skin also appears clear, radiant, and healthy. Many people can only dream to get their skin like yours. With a drum roll, Congrats!

Your skin's characteristics

- Free from blemishes
- Small pores that are hardly visible
- Skin tone is clear, even, and smooth
- Radiant
- Neither too dry nor too oily
- Good blood circulation

Maintenance for Normal Skin Types

Clean your skin regularly, moisturize, and use preventive skin care treatments with a cross-seasonal lightweight serum formula, MAGNIFYING ELIXIR. With our Super Serum, you don't have to adjust your skincare routine with the changing of the seasons. “Having a healthy-radiant skin and maintaining a healthy-radiant skin are two different things”. So, make sure you maintain this given gift to its best. Visit our blog to read about the internal-external Things that Affect Skin Beauties.