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This is a special formulation for blemish-prone, oily skin, and anti-pore clogging. Fights blemishes overnight! Extra essential results of less shiny skin, less pimples, less redness,... [read more]

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This face oil contains antiseptics, antioxidants, vitamin A, B, and vitamin E complex from the selected botanical ingredients to help ease, penetrate and moisturize blemish-prone skin.... [read more]

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All-in-one beauty balm acts as a moisturizer and foundation. Tinted with earth pigment minerals and packed with natural UV absorber ingredients helps give a luminous look to skin.... [read more]

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Acne Sensitive Skin


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An inspired soap from African traditional origin that highly contains raw African Shea Butter and Plantain Banana skin ashes. Through cleansing, it helps treating skin ailments, such as, acne, psoriasis,... [read more]