We are Frida and Samuel Pigny, a couple who love to craft. We take our expertise and blend our skills together to create a complete holistic set of family care products. We want to live simply, safely, and blissfully. Back in 2012, we were married and faced with the difficulty of falling pregnant, like most couples nowadays. Our friend who was doing in-vitro fertilization at that time told us that her Doctor would not allow her to apply any cosmetic products on her skin during the process, including a Body Lotion. A huge question mark popped into our heads, “What is wrong with cosmetics?” At the same time, we also noticed that the harsh weather and pollution in Korea (cold dry winters, hot rainy summers, yellow dust, microdust, cars and pervasive cigarette pollution) made our skin worsen year after year. After having many insecurities in finding safe personal care products, Frida spent an intensive 4 years just to studying the complexity of human skin, along with the associated skin problems, which led her to the research of nearly 500 cosmetics ingredients. This resulted in her focused dedication to formulating a Head-to-Toe organic skincare line that is free from toxins and harmful chemicals, to provide holistic solutions. There was one day during this time that we decided to throw away every single store-bought skincare, bath & body product we had in our home. With an extra 2 intensive years to perfecting the whole set of the products, FridaSkincare’s idea was born.

~Frida is an Indonesian born Sumatran, and Samuel is from Normandy, France.
Due to high pollution that brought threats to our family health, in July 2019, we decided to leave South Korea after almost a decade living there. Now, we are living near the forest, mountain, and rice fields in the Sumatran island, Indonesia, with our little daughter, Axelle.~


To produce skincare that is ethically sourced with the best quality of sustainably-sourced natural ingredients.

We aim to create products that perform at the highest standards because “natural and organic cosmetics” are not enough anymore! We want to live a life free from toxins and harmful chemicals as a gift to our precious next generation, offering them an option for healthier skin treatment. We formulate each product with love and honesty. We believe that there is no social order for taking care of our skin. We want all people to get access to elite-style skincare at reasonable prices. FridaSkincare.


FridaSkincare – High-performance Molecular Skincare: It is a line of head-to-toe, toxin-free, personal care products with a unique family-friendly formula. Each product has multipurpose functions and blending ability to provide more benefits, as well as being able to upgrade its function. This is a range of ‘all the necessary and only the necessary’ ultimate natural personal care products which can be shared among family members to promote lean living that covers the needs of multi-concerned groups of people:

Our Purpose: “To contribute to healthy family well-being through personal care products worldwide.”

Our Goal: “To supply a complete line of toxin-free, worry-free, personal care products that help improve health and family well-being to the global market, using sustainably-sourced and effective natural and organic ingredients.”

Our Company Values: “To support lean living, be accommodating, be honest, build a direct relationship with the end-customers, to promote family beauty, have a commitment to protecting the universe, and to create beauty with logic.”

Our Concept of Beauty: Beauty with Logic.
Our beauty value is beyond more than just a hype of ‘natural and organic’ products. We want natural, yet sustainable products. We want organic, yet high-performance. We want cruelty-free and waste-free products. We want to inject more ‘logic’ into the worldwide beauty concept… because for us… when pieces of Wax Comb or Beeswax are often discarded, and Lanolin is secreted by sheep when they are shorn, it is cruel to dispose of an existing resource to allow it to become waste. Our cruelty-free standard follows the Halal standard.

Our Family Beauty: ‘Young moms and families worldwide, including moms who want to protect their families from toxins in skin products; Dads who have skin or hair problems; Kids who need to use natural skin products from early on; People who are with health concerns; Women who want to simplify their skincare routine with a worry-free head-to-toe skincare line; Busy & Smart Women who want to focus on something else greater than spending time coating their faces on a daily basis.’

Our Beauty Chant: “If you want to SERIOUSLY COMMIT to wellness and to protecting your family’s health and at the same time achieve a naturopathic and minimalist lifestyle, then be everything Frida!”


Frida: Organic Skincare Formulator; Product Conceptor.

Samuel: Label Designer; Website Engineer.

Axelle: Official Model for FridaSkincare.

FridaSkincare Milestone

Aging / Dry Skin


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