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(4) 78,000

Made with 100% key botanicals ingredients to reach its purity and result-oriented active formula. Absorbs quickly and leaves no trace. Deactivates 'sleeping' follicles to start producing... [read more]

Body Care


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(1) 28,000

It is a soufflé-mousse baby lotion formula. Super loaded with a blend of nourishing botanical extracts that are rich in fatty acids and easily absorbed by the baby delicate skin. Enjoy massaging your baby... [read more]

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 19 customer ratings
(19) 30,000120,000

Every drop of this Elixir has been compressed from super luxe botanical extracts combined with organic ingredients and synergistic proportion of ultra-effective high performance boosters for the... [read more]

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(7) 46,000

This is a special formulation for blemish-prone, oily skin, and anti-pore clogging. Fights blemishes overnight! Extra essential results of less shiny skin, less pimples, less redness,... [read more]

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A nutrient-rich shampoo that provides vitamins and moisture for the scalp and promotes hair growth. Concocted with a mixture of 18 herbal extracts and 5 organic oils that have been... [read more]

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(3) 23,000

This anti-aging cleanser provides the right amount of moisture and makes the skin clean, soft, light, smooth, silky, fresh, and hydrated after use. An extremely pure cleanser that is... [read more]

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Fully loaded with anti-ageing nutrients to restore and improve skin collagen. Contains Rosehip Oil and Sappan Wood that helps damaged, acne-prone skin to regenerate skin tissue. Packed with... [read more]

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(8) 18,00030,000

Everything you need in a conditioner to nourish, repair and make hair soft, silky, stronger, healthier, shiny and manageable! Can be used as a leave-in hair balm or a rinse-off... [read more]


Natural Hair Treatment and Tonic Conditioning

The Ultimate Haircare Routine to help hair & scalp problems with severe dandruff, hair thinning, flaky scalp, hair fall, even lice! After shampooing, spray the Toner on damp scalp. Gently massage with fingertips. Leave it to dry naturally. Avoid using hair dryer during treatment. Get stronger hair & healthier scalp!

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